Paradoxical vs. Diaphragmatic Breathing: Learn Proper Breathing

A common pattern of incorrect breathing, paradoxical breathing, high chest breathing, chest breathing, thoracic breathing, accessory breathing, and reverse breathing. This type of breathing can be thought of as the opposite of the physiologically correct way to breathe. Paradoxical breathing is marked by rapid, shallow breaths that make the shoulders rise excessively. The diaphragm, rather … Read more

Scalene Trigger Points and Referred Pain Patterns

The scalene muscles of the neck are quite complex and can be a huge source of pain from myofascial trigger points. You may want to find out more about the scalenes before you read on about scalene pain syndromes. Scalene Trigger Point and Pain Causes As stated in the article linked above, since the scalenes … Read more

Sternocleidomastoid Muscle: Location and Actions

The¬†sternocleidomastoid¬†(SCM) is a muscle of the neck so-named because it originates on the sternum (sterno) and the clavicle (cleido) and inserts on the mastoid process (mastoid) which is an easily located bony prominence behind the ear (The mastoid process also serves as an attachment for the posterior belly of the digastric, splenius capitis, and longissimus … Read more