What is an Abrasion?

An abrasion is a superficial wound to the epidermis only, which does not tend to bleed, although some abrasions may extend into the dermis and more severe abrasions may cause a layer of skin to be torn off. The word abrasion comes from the Latin word abradere, meaning to scrape away. Such wounds are caused … Read more

Sports Induced Acne From Helmets, Pads, and Other Gear

Acne caused by sports activities is often a type of acne called acne mechanica. This acne is caused by the combination of pressure, friction, heat, humidity, and occlusion. Any repeated and prolonged mechanical irritation to the skin, such as rubbing, pressure, friction, pinching or pulling can produce these inflammatory papules and pustules. (Both papules and … Read more

Pitted and Smelly Feet: Pitted Keratolysis

What Causes Little Holes in Feet? Pitted Keratolysis is an infection of the skin of the feet caused by a bacterial infection. Excessive sweating and tight, unventilated shoes can predispose you to this condition. The primary symptoms of this foot infection are bad foot odor and shallow pits on the bottom weight-bearing (plantar) surface of the … Read more

Black Spots on Heel of Foot

If you are engaged in certain sports or athletic activities and experience painless black spots on the heels of your feet, this explanation should help.  The appearance of painless bluish-black dots on the heels of the feet that are called black heel, talon noir or calcaneal petechiae. This also may occur on the palms, and when this … Read more

Jogger’s or Runner’s Nipples

Jogger’s nipples or runner’s nipples is a condition caused by the constant friction between a runner’s nipples and shirt, which causes chafing of the nipples and areola. Jogger’s nipples is probably the term most often used since the condition is more prevalent in long-distance runners. It is also called fissure of the nipple. It is … Read more